So far so very good.....

Well folks its day 45 of the tour...not that I'm counting,  just thought 
that I'd let you know. It has been the most wonderful tour to date.
I began in Hamburg on Feb 23rd, and here I am today sitting in the apartment that is offered to all the lucky musicians who get a chance to perform at the Kanapee.

Thankyou so much to everybody who has supported my campaign to raise the funds so that I can record a new album this year with my dear dear German friends, Lars, Heinz and Steffi.

if you would liken to know more please join the mailing list and I will send you a letter.
For those of you who haven been asking about payment methods.....

You can leave unmarked bills in brown envelopes outside my door.Or, perhaps open a bank account in Panama and send it tax free!
Or.....Just use 
My account name is
Thankyou friends...px
Hi all - my Spring 2016 Tour Dates have now been posted – click on the link above and have a look!

So, with the help of my very talented son Cormac, I am back on my website and updating, many apologies for those who have gone to get info... and found that the cupboard was bare, so to speak...
This tour will be a busy one. I begin up north near Hamburg on the 23rd of Februrary, with a school workshop during the day and then in the evening a solo show at the school of a good friend of mine, Clas Mueller.
On this tour I will spend about 30 days in 20 schools all over Germany and Switzerland.
I will perform 6 solo shows, a couple of duet performances, and 11 concerts with my friends and band, Lars Hansen on bass, his beautiful wife Steffi Hundertmark on wondrous backing vocals, and the inimitable Heinz Lichius on drums and percussion and possibly guitar cases. 

Thank you all so much for coming to the shows and listening to the songs, and being friends.
I sincerely appreciate it.

There will be a little newsletter sent out in the next few days with the dates and the result of who won the free show!
On my site you can have a listen to most of the music I have recorded.
Thanks so much for listening.

All are available for preview, digital download and/or touchy-feely CD's, from Paul's MUSIC section.
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2016 ....The O'Brien Awakens 

I have been in hibernation. Difficult to explain but the whole tech side of this mad business completely managed to fill me with dread and foreboding, like waiting to see what the new Star Wars movies would be like.
I liked it, I got a free ticket which always helps. I also I made the huge mistake of dressing up in costume.Now I probably shouldn't have attempted Princess Leia, but I thought it would be unique.......only joking...I went as Han Solo, white shirt, black waistcoat , and a black microphone as a…Read more
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