Spring Tour 2018 - Blog #1

Spring 2018 - Tour Blog #1 - Sunday February 25th 

Louise has just dropped me off at Halifax Airport. We spent last night watching a high school production of Heathers, which our daughter assistant directed at the school where she works. We drove from Bridgetown to Rothesay, New Brunswick (where her school is), which is about a 530 km drive. We took our aging lab, Dooley (he loves Millie) and is always convinced - no matter what - that if it’s a car trip it has to be better than a standard walking trip. 

We stayed the night in the Shadow Lawn Inn, an old but really comfy place. I actually broke a window the last time I was there, but that’s another story. 

We woke up early this morning to get the fancy (but rather really filling) breakfast. Freshly baked scones, salmon, cheese, and bagels. We said goodbye to Millie and her fiance Scott then headed to Halifax Airport, only 350 kms back in the direction from which we had come. 

Since June 2017, Louise and I have called Nova Scotia our home. This will be the first time ever in my touring experience that I will travel backwards to go forwards. You can get direct flights from Halifax to London, but I couldn’t get one of those so I am now about to board a plane to Toronto, around 1700 km away in the wrong direction. This feels so wrong; when I miss a turn off the highway and have to travel maybe 15km the wrong way I get so angry. But 1700! 

Anyhow, I will get a flight from Toronto to Frankfurt and those 1700 kms will be a distant memory, rather like our dogs. Louise just texted me to tell me he just got sick in the car; he obviously forgot that 4 hours in a car makes him angry too! 

Bye Halifax Airport! Your beauty is burned on my memory.

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